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How to fund long-term care is a big consideration when looking at home care options. Depending on your personal circumstances, there may be public funding or benefits available to you, or other financing options.


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Anybody who has less than £23,400 in liquid assets (i.e. excluding the value of their property) is eligible to a level of financial support from Social Services. The amount they will contribute will depend on a number of factors ranging from the individual’s pension to the amount family members may be able to afford.

Social Services have spent decades developing systems to handle home care for those that are partially or fully funded. These systems are built around hourly care and the care home as the two options that are given to families. When 3 or 4 visits per day (roughly 3.5 hours of care) is not enough each day, the social services will suggest a care home. Many families follow this advice and thousands of people are put into a care home before they need to.

Why would social services recommend this?

Live-in care is a relatively new service and can be difficult to source, especially at a reasonable rate. Therefore, most caseworkers will discount it immediately as an option or may not even be aware of it.

As a result, many local authorities are not set up to deal directly with live-in care providers.

There are three main options when it comes to paying for care


Funding Your Own Care

You can choose the level of assistance or support that you require and effectively “pay as you go”. You can fund your care via your own means. With the right independent advice, you can relax in the knowledge that your care costs are covered.

We know you’re busy and may just need an extra pair of hands for your daily tasks. With our hourly payment options, we offer a range of affordable services to support you in your home. From cooking, cleaning and doing your shopping, we can help you.


Personal budgets

If you are entitled to it, your local authority will sometimes pay what it can fund for you directly into your bank account. This is referred to as a ‘Personal Budget’ or ‘Direct Payment’ and you can use it to pay for care yourself. This gives you more control over your care and allows you to buy care services from your preferred provider. If you can’t manage your Direct Payment yourself, you can choose to have it paid to a family member or friend. They then take on the responsibilities for you.


Social Services-funded care

Firstly you need to find out if you are eligible for state funding. To do this, contact your local social services department. They will carry out an assessment of your care needs.

If your local authority then agrees you need care, they will assess your finances. They will determine how much care will be funded by the state and whether you need to contribute too.

If your needs meet the national eligibility criteria, the law requires that it must ensure that these needs are met. As part of this process, it will assess your finances. It will see how much it can fund for you and how much you may need to contribute yourself. If you’re eligible for funded care, your local authority will point you towards their nominated care provider. They may also recommend a local service if it is more suitable.


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